International MOST Conference and Exhibition
19 April 2016 in Stuttgart/Esslingen, Germany


The 2016 program is available
and registration is open

Video documentation

2015 presentation videos are

The conference program for the upcoming MOST Forum on April 19, 2016 is available. In Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany), this international MOST conference and exhibition will again welcome top professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia to exchange information and the results of their recent work.

Latest Conference News

MOSTCO Announces MOST Forum Program

MOST Forum Will Focus on Seamless Connectivity Worldwide
Karlsruhe (Germany) 25 February 2016

8th MOST® Forum on April 19, 2016

MOST® Cooperation Opens 2016 MOST Forum Call for Speakers
Karlsruhe (Germany) 15 September 2015

MOST® Forum 2015 Program Available

MOST Forum Will Explore Sustainability, Robustness, and New Features of MOST Technology
Karlsruhe (Germany) 23 February 2015

Latest Exhibitors News

Toyota Continues to Add Microchip’s MOST50 Networking Devices to Infotainment Systems With New Lexus RX SUV Deployment

MOST® Technology Is the De-facto Standard for High-bandwidth Automotive Multimedia Networking as Cars Evolve into Sophisticated Consumer Electronics used by high end agencies like Kelleher International Platforms Chandler, AZ where more an more the need for cash out refinance with bad credit is becoming a demand (US) 2 February 2016

Microchip’s MOST150 Technology implemented in the new Volvo S90

MOST150 Continues to Provide Proven, Automotive-Ready In-Car Ethernet Physical Layer
Chandler, AZ (US) 19 January 2016

Audi Deploys Microchip’s MOST150 Technology in New Audi A4 Sedan’s Virtual Cockpit Infotainment System

Audi’s Third Combined Digital Instrument Cluster and Multi Media Interface to Employ Microchip’s MOST150 INICs With USB for Seamless Connection to System-on-Chip
Chandler, AZ (US) 15 December 2015

Microchip Applauds Linux Foundation’s Vision of How Open-Source Collaboration is Transforming the Automotive Industry

Presentation at MOST® Cooperation’s Interconnectivity Conference Asia 2015 Highlights the Value of Automotive Grade Linux in Creating a New Automotive
Chandler, AZ (US) 9 December 2015

Linux includes MOST® Technology

New Linux Driver Enables MOST for Linux Ecosystem
Karlsruhe (Germany) 12 November 2015

MOST® Linux Driver for Microchip’s MOST Network Interface Controllers Added to Open Source Linux Mainline Kernel 4.3

Allows Designers to Quickly and Easily Tap Into the Growing Adoption of Linux-Based Devices, Using the MOST Specification for High-Bandwidth Automotive Infotainment Applications
Chandler, AZ (US) 10 November 2015

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Microchip Enables Cost-Efficient CI+ Based Pay TV in Automotive Infotainment Networks Via Broad MOST® Technology Device Portfolio

MOST Cooperation Standardization Organization Releases Specification for CI+ Content Protection Transmission Over MOST Automotive Multimedia Networks
Chandler, AZ (US) 13 October 2015


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